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Rules of use

Basic rules of the Arab Baths of Elvira

Not showing up or arriving late at the time of the reservation in the Baños de Elvira entails the loss of the right of the service and the non-refund of the amount paid.

It is necessary to arrive 10-15 minutes before the reserved time and punctuality at departure. Once the shift has started, the time not enjoyed is not recovered.

The use of a bathing suit (swimsuit or bikini) is mandatory.

It is mandatory to keep quiet inside the bathing area.

The use of flip flops that we will give you free of charge is mandatory.

The entry of animals or food is not allowed.

One towel per customer is provided. If you need more, they may carry additional charges.

In the changing rooms there are gel, hair dryer and lockers to store personal items. It is recommended to leave personal and valuables in the lockers. If there is a garment or object that does not fit in the locker, you can give it to us for safekeeping. The company is not responsible for lost items.

The tour of the spa will be at the client´s taste.

The spa is joint.

Children under 10 years old are not allowed to enter.

It is necessary to inform when making the reservation and at reception of any indication about your health that we must take into account (pregnancy, illnesses, etc.)

Pregnant women of less than 3 months or more than 6 months are not allowed to enter the facilities.

The use of mobile devices and cameras within the facilities is prohibited.

Elvira Baths are based on tranquility and relaxation. Customers who do not comply with the rules of use, conditions of silence and other guidelines previously described, may be forced to leave the facilities without the right to refund the amount.